Finished section

- Finished Demian Johnston's section on the special paper.. very happy with the result.

- Bought carton to test the combinations of different covers. Color/ feeling/ weight/ design..

- Got Experimental Jetset their contribution, very happy with the result!

- Next week: Rainbath and French their sections will be printed.


Finished 2 sections.

At this moment 2 sections are printed.
- Matt Adis his section is printed and folded
- Justin Bartlett his section is printed.

Also received new paper samples.. very happy with the weight (60g) and structure of this paper. This paper is going to be used for the inlay of Max and Joshua their writings.

More news soon.

Sections folded and session on their way..

The finished sections are folded. Every section needs to have a cover, which I still have to think about.

French's section will be printed next week.

Demian Johnston his section will be printed somewhere else because of his painted works, the grayscale will be lost if I use mimeography. (or I have to use a raster..)

Test #1

The dummy for Max G. Morton his contribution to Zeitgeists #1

Test #3

Found the perfect paper for one of the contributing artists his work.
This paper has a rough and smooth side.


 Zeitgeists #1:
  • Justin Bartlett
  • Demian Johnston
  • Matthew Adis
  • Max G. Morton
  • Scrmn
  • French (Richard Sayer)
  • Rainbath Visuals
  • Lona Aalders
  • Experimental Jetset
  • John Jansen

    Project Zeitgeists

    ZEITGEISTS – because for me, an artist’s work is, in a way, a ‘sign of the times’. The time we are living in probably influences his/her drawings/pictures/writings as well. The fact that an artist will leave traces in time also gave me the inspiration for this title.


    1. every artist gets a separately binded section. I will use a different paper size, way of reproduction and (silkscreen printed) cover for every artist to ensure this suits the artist’s unique style.
    2. the sections will be held together by an overall cover which will be identical for each upcoming issue to create recognition.