How Soon Is Now?

Today I finished everything to prepare Zeitgeists #1.

- Lona her contribution
- All the black cardstock obi strips with the names of the artists
- The artists references page / hand-numbered page.

I already started to fold and glue everything, put the logo in the obi strips, and actually collecting all the sections to form #1!

So it needs a bit of DIY.. +
A few days of patience...


Hello all..

The last part of Zeitgeists #1 is going to be finished right now.
Had some delay because of not being happy with the print outs of the photographer her pictures, and I couldn't come up with the right cover designs for all the sections (typeface, layout etc...) --- designers block?

Still not sure what to do with the photographer her prints. Going to give it a last change this week. Still using two different methodes and if these will fail in quality I have to postpone her section to #2.

I received all the packaging materials and other nice objects to make this first release looking fabulous!

The artists: Thanks for your patience, support and trust!
The followers: Thanks for your patience and you won't be disappointed!

Almost there...

Two more sections have been printed:
- SCRMN his colorful art
- Experimental Jetset their contribution.

And I am still trying to get the right result for Lona her photography.

In the meantime I released two tapes on my label Zeitgeists:

So Far, So Good, So What...

- French's part is folded

- Rainbath's part is completely printed and folded

- My own small contribution is finished

- Max his booklet needs another round of layout since I got more content! :-) I have ordered the perfect paper as well. Will be printed upcoming week

- Going to make test silkscreen prints for all the covers upcoming week

- Ordered some samples to keep all the sections together. Some matt-black re-sealable plastic bags. Going to be silkscreen printed or another solution
to tell the world what's actually inside 

- If the samples aren't good enough I thought about another great solution, I will keep you updated.

Another nice gadget..

I am very busy trying to print the photography part of Zeitgeists. This will be a challenge because up till now I am not satisfied with the result. So hopefully it will be better this upcoming week.

As well as searching for black rubber-bands. Had contact with Alliance Rubber Bands but they never replied about a sample offer... So if any of the followers can help me out, please contact me. ---> j o h n j a n s e n 1  g m a i l

Finished section

- Finished French's section

- Found the perfect paper for Lona her section. Nice cream-color, uncoated rough paper which totally fits the/ her theme

- Next: Rainbath's section is almost done printing and Lona her section will be printed after that.

- Found the perfect solution of keeping all the sections together, in other words: to make it an actual magazine.


Blind Press

I am very happy to show something really beautiful:

This will be pressed in every cover.

Finished section

- Finished Demian Johnston's section on the special paper.. very happy with the result.

- Bought carton to test the combinations of different covers. Color/ feeling/ weight/ design..

- Got Experimental Jetset their contribution, very happy with the result!

- Next week: Rainbath and French their sections will be printed.


Finished 2 sections.

At this moment 2 sections are printed.
- Matt Adis his section is printed and folded
- Justin Bartlett his section is printed.

Also received new paper samples.. very happy with the weight (60g) and structure of this paper. This paper is going to be used for the inlay of Max and Joshua their writings.

More news soon.